Plastic Granulator Machine
Plastic Bottle Flake Granulator Machine

大众彩票Plastic Bottle Flake Granulator Machine Description: Plastic bottle flake granulator machine equipped with comacting machine which cound ……

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Plastic Recycling Granulating Line for POF, CPP, OPP, BOPP Film

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line Description: Plastic recycling granulating line is special equipment for the POF CPP OPP BOPP film rec……

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Plastic Granule Production Line

Plastic Granule Production Line Description: Plastic granule production line combines function of crushing, compacting, plasticization an……

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Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine Description: Plastic recycling granulator machine consists of one single forced feeding extruder, on……

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Plastic Pelletizing Recycling Machine

Plastic Pelletizing Recycling Machine Description: Plastic pelletizing recycling machine adopts special design for the venting can discha……

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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

大众彩票Waste Plastic Recycling Machine Description: Waste plastic recycling machine produced by 大众彩票 includes plastic recycling washi……

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Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine

Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine Description: Waste plastic recycling pelletizing machine is suitable for recycling and granul……

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Biodegradable Plastc Pelletizing Line

大众彩票Biodegradable Plastc Pelletizing Line Description: Biodegradable plastc pelletizing line is suitable for degradable films and plastic bag……

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Plastic Recycling Pellet Machine

Plastic Recycling Pellet Machine Description: The plastic recycling pellet machine is developed and improved by 大众彩票 after yea……

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Crushed Material Pelletizing Line

Crushed Material Pelletizing Line Description: The crushed material pelletizing line is to recycle the waste hard plastics, granulate and……

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Noodle Type Pelletizing Line

大众彩票Noodle Type Pelletizing Line Description: Noodle type pelletizing line is special equipment or the PET bottle / PET film / non-woven recy……

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Plastic Water Ring Pelletizing Line

大众彩票Plastic Water Ring Pelletizing Line Description: The plastic water ring pelletizing line is mainly used for the pelletizing of various ag……

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