Plastic Film Granulation Line
LDPE Film Pelletizing Machine

大众彩票LDPE Film Pelletizing Machine Description: LDPE film pelletizing machine applicable to all kinds of PE agricultural film, plastic film, p……

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LDPE Film Granulation Machine

LDPE Film Granulation Machine Description: LDPE film granulation machine suitable for HDPE pipeline material, blue barrel material, machi……

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LDPE Film Granulating Machine

LDPE Film Pelletizing Line Description: LDPE film granulating machine is suitable for PE, PVC and other waste film and PE, PVC, ABS, PP f……

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LDPE Film Pelletizing Line

LDPE Film Pelletizing Line Description: LDPE film pelletizing line is a good interchangeability, the piece of bad replace that piece, not……

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LDPE Film Granulation Line

大众彩票LDPE Film Granulation Line Description: LDPE film granulation line is a kind of model for double order formula mother pull granulator, ha……

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LDPE Film Granulating Line

LDPE Film Granulating Line Description: LDPE film granulating line is mainly used for plastic film, woven bags and other waste plastic re……

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LDPE Film Pelletizer Machine

大众彩票LDPE Film Pelletizer Machine Description: LDPE film pelletizer machine adopts the principle of extrusion dehydration. After cleaning the ……

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LDPE Film Granulator Machine

大众彩票LDPE Film Granulator Machine Description: LDPE film granulator machine is used for waste plastic films (industrial packaging films, agric……

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HDPE Film Pelletizing System

HDPE Film Pelletizing System Description: HDPE film pelletizing system is suitable for recycling PLA, PBAT and other fully degradable mat……

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HDPE Film Granulation System

大众彩票HDPE Film Granulation System Description: HDPE film granulation system is specially designed by 大众彩票 Company and is mainly use……

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HDPE Film Granulating System

大众彩票HDPE Film Granulating System Description: HDPE film granulating system integrates crushing, compaction and granulation, with high automat……

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HDPE Film Pelletizing Equipment

HDPE Film Granulation Equipment Description: HDPE film pelletizing equipment is mainly composed of conveyor belt, chamber machine, single……

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